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Your own customized plans as if you wrote them by hand


Meal plans

Personalized nutrition programs specific to your nutritional guidelines and preferences. Allergies, dietary preferences (vegan, keto, dairy free, etc.) are all automated for your ease. Our meals, your meals, your choice.


Training plans

Training programs personalized to the individual using your unique approach. Programs can be progressive to get more difficult with each period of time, increasing skills, preventing plateau and helping justify your recurring membership.


Mindset plans

Redefine your clients' mindset surrounding motivation and discipline. Help them transform their outlook, create new habits and broaden their perspective with programs like speed and agility, skills and drills, stretching, endurance mindset, etc.



Mental Emotional Spiritual Wellbeing

The premium content you publish is up to your own imagination.

Your new platform will allow you to drip feed fresh in-app video content to your subscribers, with corresponding notifications to increase subscriber engagement, impact and lifetime value.

You control what content is available to everyone versus special content only for premium subscribers.


Your own customer support team

When your client numbers increase and the questions they ask compound, people will tell you “This is a good problem to have.” We’ve been there, alongside our coaches for the past decade and we know that our job is to clear your path to growth, help you avoid burnout, and enable you to focus on the important moments that deliver the greatest impact. That’s why we offer your own customer support team as part of our service. This frees up your time and allows your mind to focus on the things you are passionate about.

We are your partner

For over a decade, thousands of the world’s most ambitious, impactful,
and successful entrepreneurs have chosen to partner with MacroActive.
Our relentless drive to achieve success has changed lives all over the
world. Taking the next step can change yours.

Our proven business model ensures our interests are aligned. We make
money when YOU make money.

The more you earn, the more you keep. MacroActive handles the
backroom stuff - the expensive, non-sexy parts of your business,
continually updating innovations on your platform while you sleep. You
get to focus on producing more content. Content that inspires your
audience to take their first step towards reaching their goals.

Our transparent revenue share model means we succeed together.
Our team is motivated to help grow your business. When you do well,
they do well.

You are paid daily (Monday to Friday) and you can view every
transaction. No waiting for 30-60 days for payment. No vague financials.

You own (and can access) all your customer information. No
pleading for a download of your own customer information. Trust us,
we’ve heard the stories.

YOUR BRAND is King – You are the star of the show. It's your brand
experience, right down to the name in the app developer field. With
MacroActive in your corner, we’ll work together to create, build and
increase your own brand asset.



3 steps to impacting more lives

Join the global movement of impact entrepreneurs through owning your own platform.

3 steps to impacting more lives

Join the global movement of impact entrepreneurs through owning your own platform.



Let us answer your questions!

As you read through our questions and answers, we are certain you will discover that our entire ethos is about helping our partners grow and defending the position of the entrepreneur, the solopreneur,

This is entirely up to you. If you can clear your calendar for 10 days, we can get you live in that time frame. Our record holder on fastest time to payback on investment after launching is 4.5 hours.

Will I lose control of my ability to provide 1:1 service?

The short answer is no. Not at all. You will still have 100% control over all plans going to your customers.

Think of this like an accountant shifting from doing everything by hand to using software to do your taxes. You're seeking the advice from your accountant. You don't want to pay for the hours it takes to manually do your taxes by hand. The same is true here. Your clients want your advice, your inspiration, your motivation. We can handle the macro-crunching.

Despite MacroActive's intelligent algorithms to calculate meal plans and training programs every 2 weeks in a 100th of the time you could manually, you are still able to eyeball and edit each plan that goes out to your clientele and you can be involved with every customer check-in and communication if that's what you want.

You can also scale to infinity and let us do everything for you. Some of our creators get up to tens of thousands of paying subscribers per month, leaving all the details to us.

We have an extraordinary amount of data to back up this answer. Quality trumps quantity every day of the week! We've had clients with 1,900 mums in a Facebook group launch their offer with MacroActive and begin earning a run rate of $350,000 per month inside of a matter of weeks (and most importantly go on to sustain that income for years to come).

Quality audience. Quality content. This is the key!

If you paid someone to build you an audience fast, don't sign up with us. We can't help you.

Yes. 100% your brand. No 3rd party apps to download and send your precious audience into.

This is one of the biggest mistakes we see creators make - inadvertently redirecting their entire engaged audience out of their control and into the hands of a 3rd party company, to be quickly diluted and lost forever.

[We have seen 7-figure businesses evaporate within 3 months from this critical strategic error, often overlooked because of the sweet sugar rush of an up-front commission payment.]

Our CEO is so passionate about this subject that he speaks regularly about this at conferences and events.

Read this article he wrote talking about what fitpros can learn from Van Halen's contractual mistakes (that mirror the same nuances of this question).

YES!! Simple answer: YES.

OMG, nothing annoys us more than a 3rd party app company trying to convince you to give away (and, frankly, devalue) your services for a $1 sign up fee, or worse, a freemium signup. All you end up doing is attracting the WRONG type of clientele doing this.

After $70M in sales at the time of writing this, we can tell you with certainty that these tactics just inflate the user count for these 3rd party apps (who then tell their venture capital financiers how well they're doing) but these are just vanity numbers. MOST PEOPLE who sign up for $1 end up churning right away. Learn from the mistakes of others. Don't fall prey to this strategy. It doesn't help your brand.

If you have no idea what to charge, we can work with you to understand your customer persona and what they are most likely to afford and act on -- we will base this off of DATA, benchmarked from 10 years in the industry.

With MacroActive, you are paid directly into your bank account every day of the week.

Mondays you receive payments for all transactions over the previous Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

As part of your onboarding with us, you will create your own Stripe account which means you have complete transparency of every single transaction on your platform.

Unlike other solutions on the market, MacroActive is aligned 100% with your interests:

  • No waiting up to 1 month (in some cases 2 MONTHS!) before you receive your money
  • No confusing invoices with mysterious additional expenses
  • No bills to pay at the end of the month
  • No requests to make for downloads of your own customer data (you have 24/7 access to all your customer contact information)

Great question we hear a lot! YOU own all your customer data.

This super important to understand. There is no situation - EVER - where you want to enter into an agreement where you don't own your customer information (i.e. customer email address, etc).

We have seen this happen too many times over the years where clients come to us in shock and horror that they have been working with a 3rd party for years but when they wanted to launch a new product line and cross sell to all their previous customers, they found out that they couldn't!

MacroActive is a data processor. We process your data. You own it.

No. You can sell any other products within your app and 100% of those earnings will go to you.

You are responsible for setting up your own company and bank accounts.

If you are joining MacroActive from a country not yet supported by Stripe (see this list), we recommend starting a US company and creating a US Bank Account using a service such as

If you will be creating your own full iOS and Android apps using MacroActive, you will also be responsible for creating your own Apple and Google Developer accounts. This is your responsibility to set up your business accounts properly and we recommend you speak with your accountant to ensure you are establishing these accounts with the correct tax codes.

What is required to set up an Apple Developer Account?

What is required to set up a Google Developer Account?

This is SO much more than just an app -- this is an entire platform to manage the nutritional, training and mindset programs for your clients.

You will have either an iOS/Android app that will live in the Apple/Play stores, or, you can opt to simply have what is called a Progressive Web App which acts and behaves like an app but you download it to your phone from a browser instead of via the Apple/Play stores.

In either case, your clients will need a data connection or a wifi connection to use the app.

No. This is 100% your brand experience. No links to other coaches anywhere. No advertising of other coaching offers can be found anywhere.

This is entirely your brand experience.

Yes. We offer a service that is essentially an outsourced customer service team of professionals who have years of experience either as a personal trainer themselves or years of experience answering the types of fitness and nutrition questions we have seen over 10 years of providing this service.

The support is all handled through email and we use a system that allows our team to tag you on support tickets that are specialized in nature and require your personal advice, and/or business enquiries that come into the support queue that should go directly to you.

We have found over the years that creator burnout is real. It is one thing to support 50 clients but when you start servicing 500 clients or 5000 clients, the workload very quickly spirals out of control.

With the help of MacroActive, you leave these questions to our team which allows you to get back to doing what you love and what drives more inbound sales -- inspiring people to take action.

This all depends on how hands on you are -- you can be hands off and use our professionally built workout programs and professionally produced videos (plus thousands of meals all preloaded into the system), or hand on and work with our in-house fitness and nutrition specialists to create your own progressive training programs that get more difficult over time, film all your own videos and our team will assist you with uploading them into your new platform, and we can even help you understand how you can add your own recipes, create your own meal categories (i.e. Budget Meal Plans) and more.

Our team are here to help with any combination of the above. Before you start your first onboarding call with your MacroActive onboarding specialist, be sure to have thought through how hands-on you want to be with the process and share this on your first call.

Having been doing this for more than 10 years now, we can definitely say that the most successful coaches are those who are hands on and want to create their own programs with their own videos and even a couple of their own favorite recipes -- doesn't need to be extravagant.

  1. Your customers will receive an automated email prompt to complete their check-in with you.
  2. A link will be provided in that email which takes your customer into their app with a prompt to complete an in-app check in.
  3. After they have completed this form, and updated their front/back/side photograph uploads into the app, you will be notified via email that this customer has completed their update. How hands on you are from this point forward is entirely up to you. Some coaches are hands off and let the software take over from here forward, producing a new meal plan and updated training programs. Other coaches want to be able to view the check-in data, the new meal plan, and any photographs the customer has uploaded before sending a personalized email back to the client giving them personal coaching and letting them know they can now see their new plans in the app.

How hands-on you are with your clients is entirely up to you. With MacroActive, you do not lose any ability to provide world class service. If anything, we free up more of your time so that you can spend more time where it counts - inspiring and motivating your clients to take action and stick on the program.


Start impacting more lives

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